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Cece DuBois is a modern day Polymath. She is a writer of prose, verse, and song. She paints portraits, builds furniture, sings, laughs, and prays. She's a designer -- of homes, and wardrobes, and ideas. She's known a life of being locked in a cage so small that her wings were stunted. But through the past few years she's broken free, traversed the shattered familial ties, and soared to the higher ground of a healing Spirit. In high school, Sister Edith told her to "choose one" of her many creative talents and discard the rest. Instead, Cece became determined to breathe life into every one, as long as she herself drew breath. Cece lives in Middle Tennessee, but has the heart of a gypsy, and loves the richness that adventures of the creative mind provide. She sees each day as a blessing, and all things as happening for good.

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